What to expect?

An informative guide to abortion consultation and treatment.

We will help you to feel comfortable when you reach Hospital for abortion

We have a team of experts to support you at each stage. You can easily contact us through call or by booking an appointment for consulting. During the consultation we will discuss about the abortion care options.


Your first consultation with us would involve a discussion about your decision to go for an abortion, your medical history and the options available. This appointment is essential to ensure that we can carry out your treatment legally and safely. You will also undergo an ultrasound scan to confirm the dates of the pregnancy. The type of abortion you can have would depend upon how many weeks pregnant you are and any medical conditions that you may have.

With our caring and experienced medical team supporting you at each stage, we shall ensure that you feel comfortable from the moment you step into Hospital.

Medical Assessment

After the initial consultation, you will be subjected to a health assessment prior to the commencement of treatment. The assessment would include an ultrasound scan, blood pressure check, blood tests, and tests for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). We would be explaining these tests to you at the time of appointment and answer any questions you may have.

We are here to help you, if you are worrying either physically or emotionally after abortion. Give us a call to
0743 444 1 444.

Your consent matters the most

Your decision and consent is of utmost importance when it comes to opting for an abortion. Before going ahead with the procedure, we would be explaining every aspect of the procedure, including all known side effects, risks and possible complications. We will not proceed with the abortion unless you are absolutely certain of your decision.

Every Woman deserves the right to choose

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